Best Practices Manual

A road map to becoming our most favorite client ever!

Each business has its unique work flow and we're just as quirky as the next design agency, but in an effort to ensure our working relationship is as smooth as butter (and boy do we love butter!) we've assembled the following Best Practices Manual (patent pending) to address some of the most common work flow related issues we've encountered over the years. Grab a cup of Joe, sit back and let's get started ...

Should I just call with my changes?

While we always welcome the opportunity to talk with our amazing clients, revisions are best delivered via email. The reason we prefer email is to reduce errors and to maintain a record of requested changes. It's also very possible we may be at the beach when you call with your revisions, and computers and sand don't mix.


Revisions can be typed in the body of the email, attach as a PDF with comments embedded (a preferred method if you're reviewing a PDF proof from us), or type up your revisions in a Word document and attached it to an email.


Of course, if you have revisions that are complicated or you type like a monkey with 10 thumbs, we are more than happy to work through your revisions with you over the phone. Just ignore the sound of crashing waves and seagulls in the background. It's office mood music.

Are we clear? I thought we were clear.

We take direction well. As a matter of fact, we can't create a successful design without your direction and feedback. When composing revisions, be specific. Avoid stream-of-consciousness or elaborating about the story behind the "why" you want the change (unless it's really juicy!). Just be as clear and concise as possible. As a matter of fact, it might help to imagine that our designers are seven year olds. Some have said they have the same attention span ... oh, look a squirrel!


Following are a couple examples:



Could you maybe change that part about you being a good designer to something more accurate?


Please replace the phrase, "... you're a good designer ..." with "... you're an absolutely amazing designer ...". Thanks!



Could you move the picture over a little?



On page 2, please move the picture in the top right corner of President Underwood so its left edge aligns with the left edge of the photo below it.


If one email is good, ten must be better!

We all do it and it's pretty embarrassing. I know I've hit the SEND button without attaching the file (more times than I'd like to admit), but accidents happen. We're all human. The practice we're referencing here is fondly named the revision Trickle Effect. What is the Trickle Effect, you ask? Good question! The Trickle Effect is when we receive an email with a change (or two), then an hour later another email with another change, then a few minutes later another, and another, and another. While this may seem helpful in that you're sending us your revisions as soon as you see spot them, what it does is drive our designers into a frenzied state and it takes us most of the evening to pull them down from the ceiling.


When we work on your project, we like to focus on your project and your project only. We dim the lights, maybe put out a few candles and really feel the mood of the piece. It's difficult to do this when the chime of our email App is ringing like the bell at the dry cleaner's counter. DING! DING! DING! DING!


Please make every effort to consolidate them into one email rather than sending each change in a separate email over several hours (or days). We try to be Johnnie-on-the-spot with revisions and when then come in we like to get the revised design back to you as quickly as possible. If email revisions trickle in, you'll get more proofs than a pint of Jack Daniels Whiskey and the budget will be blown sky high.


We've found that while it may take an extra day or two to receive your revisions, it's best that they all come together, at once, so we can effect all the changes in the most efficient manor possible. But we understand even the most well intentioned client can make mistakes. If you send over your revisions and then find something else, don't hesitate to send it over. We're picky, not neurotic.



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